Film and TV Production

TV and film set transport requires a specific set of skills which we as a business have mastered after years of experience and development. 

Ranging from, class A actors, reporters from around the world and vocal artists, all of our team has the experience & professionalism to provide a first class service coupled with the detailed specifics each role has requested with outstanding feedback.

Since we’re well-versed in ensuring every need is matched for our clients, knowing promptness is key our transport service is on time, every time providing courteous and continued customer experience across the board which in turn makes us the choice to look after your film production logistics throughout the country and the team that are involved in it.

Our team has worked with both TV and film production teams across the UK and around the globe. One of the highest accolades was being the chosen service provider for Game of Thrones in the North of Ireland and continually getting the return work, series after series. The TV and film production companies we’ve worked with, rely on us to help them get their interviews (political) film locations and props.

Executive Travel
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This means you can focus on the set, as you can rely on the transport professional to take good care of your TV and film set equipment. Additionally, working with prop departments, we understand the requirements to provide safe transport every time.

Having worked with MTV and film production projects for the BBC, Sky One and many other foreign news reels and film studios around the world.
The range of people we have had the pleasure of working in Northern Ireland with ranges from infamous mega star Lady Gaga, political representatives from all countries, the aforementioned Game Of Thrones stars and crew, endless other TV & Film stars plus crew and local celebrities who come back time and time again because they have had the best experience that exceed expectations every time with our company.

If you would like to avail of any of our specialist services, please call for a bespoke quotation today.

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